Life can be one crazy ride and flashes by in a blink. As I look back on life, I’m reminded how important it is to enjoy the little things and live in the moment. Too often are we consumed by every day monotony and forget to sit back and enjoy the ride. Do you find yourself wishing you can freeze time – or turn back that clock? Do you sometimes say “I wish I would have” or “if I could do it again”? Or maybe you are waiting for the “perfect moment”. To fit in that old pair of jeans – or wait until things are less hectic to freeze those family memories? Well I am here to tell you that that time is NOW. You are beautiful NOW. If we only get this one life it is time to seize the moment freeze father time with beautiful photos that will be treasured for generations to come. Let’s do this together!

My name is Mary and I’m a natural light photographer in the Chicagoland area specializing in families, couples, seniors, and pets. I strive to capture the real moments in this beautiful life– the happy, the cute, the crazy and the quiet. I’m a chaser of light and have an obsession with shooting in the beautiful golden glow of the evening.  I strive to make every session fun, relaxed, and real. I’ll do my best to make you comfortable and relaxed.

Outside of being a photographer, I’m a Media Specialist and a mom to three adorable fur babies– Ollie, Penny, and Louie. My love for my crazy bunch has led me to volunteer with a local animal rescue with whom I’ve been fostering sweet little rescued souls. My love for photography and animals has opened the new door of pet photography. I love capturing their sweet souls and silly personalities to share with the world.  We love lazy weekends at home just as much as we love traveling and taking on new adventures.  As a Media Specialist, I understand the importance of stories and  strive to capture them through my lens. I love seeing my students find their little niche in this world and fall in love with the magical world of reading.

Contact me today so we can freeze time and capture your beautiful life story.